Ron Parsons - Optima Machinery Corporation, Green Bay, WI

This was written by Rhiannon's immediate boss, Ron Parsons, at Optima Machinery Corp where she worked for 3 years in Green Bay.

Rhiannon and I became good friends when we worked together and even after she moved, she always kept in touch with us letting us know all the new things going on in her life 'down south'. She was always good at pointing out how good the weather was in South Carolina since we were all stuck here braving the winters in Wisconsin.

Working with Rhiannon was definitely an experience that I will never forget. She was a very intelligent young lady. She was a very willing learner and she always wanted to learn more. She was an incredibly ambitious person. She wasn't afraid to tackle any project. And whatever you gave her to do, she jumped with both feet. Kinda like the way she did everything. No holding back.

She was always happy. She had this way to make everyone around her smile. It was a real pleasure working with her.

There were so many good memories of working with Rhiannon but here's one that sticks out in my head. Rhiannon always had a fancy little sports car with the stereo you could hear coming for two blocks and she had this fancy car alarm to protect her 'baby'. After that, whenever we had our lawn cut, the lawnmowers would set off her car alarm just from the vibrations going by. It was a loud alarm! She'd always have to run out and make sure her car was OK.

Rhiannon taught me a lot as a person. There are many things I learned about myself thanks to her.

Outside of work, she taught me how to take a whooping at pool from a girl. She loved to shoot pool and she was a heck of a shot!

I always looked at Rhiannon like the little sister I never had. She was an incredible person and I will miss her dearly.

Because Rhiannon always wanted to leave everyone smiling, I will leave you with this thought. Watch out Heaven! Can you imagine the sound system she is going to be setting up for God??