Modeling for Bill Hewitt

An excerpt from a letter from Bill Hewitt dated January 17, 2003 - All of that wonderful modeling you did for me fianlly paid off... Enclosed is your 2003 Fox Valley Regional Porsche Club Calendar. You are featured on the cover!! I promised you that I would send you a copy of whatever it was that I used your photograph for. In this case it is a calendar... a very good calendar too. I had 65 calendars made, mostly for sale at our Porsche Club Christmas party. I always save a few back to make sure I have enough to go around. The club really likes the calendars I produce. They seem genuinely amazed that I am able to find such "classy babes" to pose in front of the cars. I hope you enjoy it. I bet some of your newfound friends in South Carolina will be quite surpriced when they realize that the girl on the cover is really you. I suggest you hang onto the calendar after 2003 is over. There may come a time in the reasonably distant future when you will want to show your grandchildren that there was a time in life when their wrinkled-up old Grandma used to be quite the looker!

She was also featured in August of the 2004 Fox Valley Ford and Mustang Club calendar produced by Bill Hewitt.

From Bill Hewitt - Rhiannon and I met at work. I was a contract electrical engineer at Optima in Green Bay. She was a mechanical CAD person already there at Optima when I started. I do photography as a serious hobby. The electrical engineering pays the bills and allows me a very affluent life style. It has provided me with expensive play toys like a classic 1960's muscle car (the black 67 Ford Mustang) and a high performance German sports car (the red Porsche 944) and expensive hobbies like photography. I also went to photography school. The photography training I received there allowed me to immediately identify Rhiannon as a great model. There was no question about it...She had the complete package. Mother nature had been extremely kind to her and sculpted her into an ideal model. Well, I needed to produce the next calendar for both the Mustang Club and the Porsche Club. I wanted a model to pose with my vehicles and Rhiannon was the perfect choice. She said she had never modeled before but thought this would be a real interesting experience so she accepted. Over the next four months we went on three or four photoshoots. She was a wonderful model and added a real measure of class to the photos.

Following are some of the photos taken by Bill.